HAPPY NEW YEAR, especially if you live in CALIFORNIA…and Congratulations all you Californians on legal recreational cannabis use!

Welcome to the 35th Anniversary Edition of Trafficking – and what an edition it is for California residents 18+ only (sorry everywhere else…but come visit!)!

With a limited supply of games to offer (less than 420 remaining in current inventory), here’s what you get for $420:
* The classic Trafficking board game

* *One indoor-grown ounce of something absolutely top shelf -- like OG KUSH or SOUR DIESEL or SUPER GLUE or LEMON OG (please feel free to send an email – trafficking1983@gmail.com -- prior to ordering to find out what the latest dank bud we have to offer)

*Mini-baggies (so, if desired, you can actually play Trafficking buying and selling bags of real weed…kinda like playing Monopoly with real money!)

*One Supreme Organics package of 150 mg of THC – CHOOSE ONE:

(sour peach, sour watermelon, root beer, cherry cola)…
Best dang Fruit Gummies on the planet (imho)!

(root beer, grapefruit hibiscus, lemon, blackberry)

(after ordering game, please email your choice to Trafficking1983@gmail.com)

*A certificate for $100 OFF any Team Entry Fee for any 2018 The Big Lebongski Bowling Tournament

*All taxes included

*Free Delivery to any California resident 18 years of age and older by a CA licensed delivery service.

Suggested method of shared payment -- As up to 9 people can play Trafficking, how about this:
a. 9 buds (or as many as want to get in on the winner-take-all Trafficking caper) are gathered
b. Each bud puts in $47
c. Game arrives with an ounce of top shelf weed
d. Winner claims game….and what’s remaining of the ounce after the game…OR – keep sharing (preferred method)

"Deal Me In"
HighTimes, March 2003

"The game induces merriment!"

"...it's totally fun! And twisted!"
Lisa May
Kevin & Bean Morning Show
Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanna say I love the game... It kicks ass!!!... we stayed up for hours on end playing the hell out of it!! Thanx for putting it back out and making it available again."
Ashleigh from
North Carolina

“Congratulations on the best board game ever.”
Tom Nucci
Saratoga Springs, NY

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Ever since TRAFFICKING was launched on November 19, 1983, Gary Lane and the Underground Games Company have been keen activists in supporting the pro-marijuana legalization movement.

In 2003, when Tommy Chong was ridiculously incarcerated for selling bongs, Lane led a brigade at the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade to protest the U.S. government’s lame stand.

The Underground Games Company supports the legalization of marijuana for responsible recreational and medicinal use.

Trafficking is a game spoofing social reality (like it used to be in the old days)….may the winds of change continue to howl!

Trafficking is a registered Trade Mark of the Underground Games Company. All Rights reserved. ©1983-Forever