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 Some comments about Trafficking...

"...a definite bullet!"
D.J. Stoner,
Disc Jockey,
Q-HIGH FM Radio Station
"Like the name,
Dig the game,
Trafficking's destined
for the Hall of Fame!"
Reefer T. Johnstone III,
Assembler of Attire,
Threads Clothing Store
"The only charachter worth cheering for in this wacky game is the Narc - I hope you all get Busted!"
Lieutenant Dick Gumshoe,
Undercover Narcotics Officer
"A slick game of cops and robbers... I love it!"
Stephie "Honey Oil" Slick,
Cocktail Waitress,
Neon Palm Tavern
"... a game of status not greed... a radical breakthrough - it's hot!"
Fast Eddie Toke,
Record Racker,
Records on Wings Record Store
"Intense game man ... like... uh... got any papers?"
Sonny Sgurd,
Motorcycle Mechanic,
Sonny's Cycles
"... the definitive satirical game of our generation."
Zerox Roachoid,
Guitar Tuner,
Don't Fret Guitar Store
"It's got wheeling and dealing and running from the heat - just like real life."
Biff Spliff,
Spliff Sports
"... a socially nutritious game!"
Janet Planet,
Health Food Aficionado,
Cosmic Carrot Health Food Store

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